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Overnight Boarding - Furlow Friday

Overnight Boarding - Furlow Friday

We have been using Cobbs Ford Pet Health Center since May 1999 and we would never ever go anywhere else. They have been just terrific to my family. My spouse and I are retired military and the military is what brought us to Prattville. I remember the first day I visited Cobbs Ford; they opened their vet doors to me like I had been coming there for years. They gave me the best tour ever and then I knew I didn't want to go elsewhere. We had 2 yorkies (Ala-B-Ama, age 2 and Samson, age 1) when we first got down here. They practically raised our yorkies. Then we rescued Cassidy. Due to him being abused, Cassidy had several issues but the staff didn't care, they loved him anyways. They knew on any given day that Cassidy would be in a bad mood and didn't tolerate people but they still handled him with the utmost grace and the best care ever. Cobbs Ford was there for the good and the bad. The day we had to let the 3 boys cross over was the hardest day ever for me and my spouse. Ala-B-Ama passed in Jan 10, Samson in Jan 12 and Cassidy in Aug 12. The staff was right there with us to cry or hold our hands or whatever we needed. They felt every emotion we felt and they truly helped us make the best possible decisions when it came to my babies. I have always said, "You don't have to know my name but you have to know my boys name" and there wasn't a time that I went in there that they didn't know my boys. It was great because my boys always felt so welcomed and loved. And now, that we have Mr. Murphy and FurLow, they get the same intense tender loving care. They love my babies. They know that I can be trying and uneasy when it comes to needles and puppies so they always make sure that my babies get a puppy needle and they always make sure the babies feel at ease before they do anything to them. It is the little things that make them so wonderful. We are always greeted with a smile and the best customer service ever. I can't just name one experience with Cobbs Ford Pet Health Center because every time I am there it is such a delight and wonderful experience that I would never change vets. When individuals come into my office and they always ask which vet do I use and I always highly recommend Cobbs Ford hands down. I would never send them anywhere else. You guys are wonderful and I am glad that you are in our lives. I know that Mr. Murphy and FurLow Friday just adore you guys. Keep up the good work.

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